What does Mini, Small, Medium and Large Stand For?

The sizes refer to the eventual mature mound size of the plant by height.

Mini hostas are smaller than 15cm in height.

Small hostas are between 15 to 25cm in height.

Medium hostas are between 25 to 38cm in height.

Large hostas are more than 38cm in height.

These sizes are very approximate but give you a good idea as a guide to when you are choosing your plants both the mini and small hostas are ideal in small rockeries or grown in containers like apline troughs.  The Medium sized hosta is best in the ground in amongst your herbaceous border or there are certain varieties that like to be grown in containers like Hosta ‘Cinnamon Sticks’ or H. ‘Elvis Lives’ are two very good examples if you have any questions on suitability for container grown hostas please contact us.  Large hostas are ideal for a woodland setting planted below deciduous trees like Oak, Beech, Ash or Birch trees.

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