What do I feed Potatoes with?

Fresh cow manure and grass cuttings.

Best method for planting and feeding Potatoes.

What you will need.

Garden spade or digging fork, Fresh grass cuttings, Newspaper, bone meal and a wooden plank.

After you have dug over your area of soil ready for planting potatoes in. Set your wooden plank on the ground across the slope of the ground.  Use this as your straight line to dig out your first row and pile soil up on top of the ground to make a ridge. The trench should be 30cm or 12″ deep.  Place a layer of freshly cut grass cuttings along bottom of trench about 10cm (2″) deep then next add three sheets of newspaper.  Next add fresh cow manure, (make sure the cow manure came from cows feed on straw or hay, do not use silage fed cow manure), about 10cm (2″) Now you are ready to plant your potatoes with the eyes facing upwards every 30cm (12″) apart and cover with soil just enough to cover the tuber.  When you dig the next row throw the soil on top of the planted row to form a ridge.  Space the rows at 30cm (12″) apart this allows you to earth up the rows later once the potatoes are showing about 5cm (2″) of growth.  Next wait until growth is up another 5cm (2″) and earth up rows again.  This should be enough earthing up now the potatoes will not need any extra feed just plenty of water in the evening or first thing in the morning only onto the soil not on the leaves.  Try to keep leaves dry as this will prevent disease attacking the leaves. Make sure it is a good airy open position you plant your potatoes in.  Now all you have to do is keep watering and wait for the plant to flower then as soon as flower has gone over the crop should be ready to start harvesting.  Only dig what you will be using that day potatoes will keep better in the ground.  The only extra spray I would add to potatoes is my Organic Garlic Wash this helps to keep the plant in good growth and deter any slugs from attacking the tubers.  Spray onto the soil every 14 days.

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