Slug Resistant Hostas?

Yes these are available.
Slug and Snail resistant Hosta varieties are becoming more popular especially with our local weather patterns we tend to get more rain these years ideal for slugs and snails.  Well Hosta hybridizers are now breeding thicker better substance Hosta leaves.  The thicker the leaf the less chance a slug or snail will find it attractive.  Slugs like thin leaves that are easy to munch like lettuce leaves.  A lot of the older types of hostas has thin leaves like Hosta ‘Fortunei Albopicta’ I am sure you will have seen around pther peoples gardens the tell tale signs that slugs had been there the Hostas look like lace curtains.  So if you plant “slug resistant” varieties you will not see lace curtains in your garden.  Of course there is no such thing as totally slug proof if you only have one Hosta in your garden then yes slugs will try to eat it but it will not be as easy for them.

Some of the better Slug Resistant varieties are:

Hosta Aqua Velva

Hosta Blue Baron

Hosta Blue Mammoth

Hosta Blue Umbrellas

Hosta Clear Fork River Valley

Hosta Devon Green

Hosta Dorset Blue

Hosta Dream Weaver

Hosta Hadspen Blue

Hosta One Man’s Treasure

Hosta Powder Blue

Hosta Rosedale Knox

Hosta Sleeping Beauty

Hosta Stepping Out

Hosta Sum & Substance

Hosta Toy Solider

 This is only a small list there are many more.


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