900g Dolomite Lime (Magnesium Limestone) use in potting compost

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Dolomite Lime (Magnesium Limestone) Horticultural Fine, approximately 900 grams Dolomite Lime from Ireland for Horticultural use to add to peat based compost mixes for plants. You can also use this lime to increase the ph of your soil by adding 300 grams per square metre to raise ph 0.5 units. Ideal to prevent club root on brassicas. Chemical Analysis, Magnesium Oxide MgO Typically 20.3 %, Calcium Oxide CaO Typically 30.7 %,XFR LOI 47.03 %,Measured LOI @ , 965oC ,46.8 %,Silicon dioxide SiO2 1.17 %,Iron Oxide Fe2O3 0.37 %, Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 0.31 %, Sodium Oxide Na2O None Detected, Sulphur trioxide SO3 0.04 %,Potassium Oxide K2O 0.04 %,Chromium Oxide Cr2O3 None Detected,Titanium dioxide TiO2 0.02 %,Barium Oxide BaO 0.004%,Manganese Oxide MnO4 0.04 %,Phosphorus P2O5 0.03 %,Magnesium limestone is non toxic and non caustic. Under normal circumstances it is not harmful to the skin but we would recommend wearing gloves when handling as it can dry the skin. Lime is sent out in plastic container.

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