How to plant Clematis

Clematis How To Plant



A brief guide on the way to plant your Clematis see the diagrams below.  The first thing to do when you have purchased your Clematis is to water your plant in the container well.  Then choose your position in the garden where you want to plant the Clematis for this example I am using a South Facing Wall.  Dig your hole 30cm (12 inches) away from the wall as tight to the wall is always dry.  Dig your planting hole twice the depth of your plant pot.  At the base of the hole add 3-4mm grit mixed with farmyard manure or garden compost to a depth of 10cm (4 inches), then add good compost mixed with soil you took out of the planting hole to a depth of about 3 inches, then plant your Clematis so as it is 8cm (3inches) deeper in the soil than it was in the container.  This is to help prevent Clematis Wilt, angle your plant at a 45 degree angle next to the wall and place a bamboo cane in the soil to help support the Clematis and train it onto your wall.  Place some stones or plant around the base of the Clematis to help to keep the roots of the Clematis cool.


After Planting

After you have watered your Clematis in and the plant after a week or two has started to grow train the leaders horizontal to start with then bring them back on themselves like a Zig-Zag formation all the way up the wall this encourages the plant to flower lower down on the plant as Clematis will always grow for light and flower at the top 1/3 of the terminal shoots as soon as you get the plant trained up your wall pinch out the tips of the leaders this will encourage more shoots to break out along the leaders and flowering buds will form on these. 

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