How do I grow Hostas from Seed?

Growing hostas from seed can be real fun to bring on your own unique plant as every seedling will be different.

Before starting be sure to use well sterilised seed trays make sure the container is dry before filling with a good seed compost use fresh seed compost or make your own. To each 10 litres of peat add one teaspoon of phostogen powder fertiliser then add 1 litre of fine vermiculite and mix well add water to make the mix moist lift a handful of compost in your hand and squeeze no water should come out. Overfill the seed tray, tap the tray once on the bench to settle the compost, then take a piece of flat timber on its side and with a sawing action across the tray level the compost of. Use a flat piece of timber and firm the compost down level gently. Sow the hosta seed evenly over the tray and sieve some peat over the seed just enough to cover the seed. Water the tray in with luke warm water using a fine rose on your watering can. Place the seed tray cover over the tray or use newspaper. This will help keep the heat in the compost. The seeds need 20 degrees celsius to germinate and 10 degrees c. at night air temperature. After two weeks the seeds will start to germinate remove the newspaper and water well each day during warm spells. Prick out your seedlings into 7cm pots and grow on using a half strength potting compost. Hosta seeds are best sown from March to mid July but you can winter sow and provide extra light by fluorescent lamps at a height of 1 metre over the seedlings for 16 hours per day.

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