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Bali-Hai Mail Order Nursery

is a family run award winning mail order hosta specialist and rare perennial nursery business set in the heart of the lovely Glens of Antrim coast line, Carnlough, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. National Hosta Collection Holder at Scroggy Wood. The main advantage of having a mail order nursery here is the climate, being so close to the sea and situated in an enclosed bay surrounded by mountains, we find that our nursery is usually three degrees warmer than the rest of the North coast of Ireland. Ideal for growing hostas and perennials as we get little to no frost and ample rainfall throughout the year. As we are a small firm more personal attention is given to our hostas and perennial plants and how they are looked after. Visits to our mail order nursery by the public is generally by appointment only, thus we do not have many casual callers which means we have more time to concentrate on growing plants. If you wish to visit our hosta nursery please contact us first before calling to make sure that there is someone at the nursery. If you are travelling from a distance why not make a holiday out of your visit, Carnlough is a very popular tourist village see links here on accommodation available. The best time to see the hostas at there best is from May to August when they are in full leaf. How to Grow Hosta plants, sow hosta seed, Hemerocallis, Phormiums, Agapanthus, Slug Prevention, how to divide hostas, using hostas as accent plants with bonsai trees and how to care for your Perennials. Specialising in Hostas with over 1100+ Hosta varieties from around the world in stock all year round. Mail order plants including new and rare garden perennials, Crocosmia, Agapanthus, Dicksonia antarcticaTree Ferns, and Rhodohypoxis plants by mail order via our online shop or bid at my Ebay auctions. (balihainursery) Register on! for many discounts on our plants and other products.

Hosta specialist we stock a good range of old varieties that are still good garden worthy plants along with some of the latest new and rare hosta varieties all with free delivery. We stock a good range of Hostas that are British Raised along with the latest Hostas from USA, Holland, Belgium, New Zealand and rest of the world. If there is a Hosta variety that you are looking for please contact us, as chances are we have it or can get it for you. The Hosta Experts growing hostas since 1986. Tree Ferns we stock Dicksonia antarctica of all the Tree Ferns this is the hardiest tree fern for the UK market. Dicksonia antarctica Tree Fern can withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees celsius provided the main crown of the trunk is protected over the winter. The best method is to place straw in the crown and secure with chicken wire or use frost fleece. All Tree Ferns come from sustainable growing nurseries around the world. Specialist in Hosta, Agapanthus,Crocosmia and Dicksonia antarctica I hope you enjoy browsing this website and finding that plant that is just right for your garden. Why not buy a gift certificate voucher for that special gardening friend.
Wish to purchase ground ferns to plant with your Hostas I recommend contacting for first class Irish grown ferns to the highest quality and by mail order to UK and EU countries.

Eco Friendly Nursery

At Bali-Hai Nursery we are trying our best to do our small part for the environment. As we send our plants out bareroot all year round this means we have a lot of spent compost. We recycle this compost and use as a garden mulch. The containers we grow the plants in are washed and re used again. All the cardboard we get into the nursery we cut the boxes up and use this to send our parcels out in. Our envelopes we use to send out Invoices on parcels are from recycled paper. We use old newspapers to pack our plants in. Purchase recyclable packing tape and clear poly bags for putting the plants in. For our non EU customers we use recyclable paper pouches to put the plants in. We try to use as much organic sprays, (Bali-Hai Garlic Recipe for Organic Slug Control), as possible to minimise our use of chemicals on the nursery. We use capillary matting for watering our plants as much as possible it is also more beneficial for the plants especially the Hostas as it keeps the leaves dry and the plants have access to the water all day and not just one sprinkle of water at night from sprinklers. Our computer labels last up to five years outside before they breakdown naturally. We use Solar Panels to heat our water for washing plants roots and have Solar panels to create electricity that we use for our scales when weighing the parcels and for heating in packing shed and running computers. All our lights are low energy bulbs and we use A rated electrical appliances for most of our machinery.

Countries We Post Our Plants To

We post to UK, European Union countries, Norway & USA These are the main countries but we do post to other countries, (Other Non-European Union countries, Canada requires a plant import permit & Japan – Do not Post Plants to New Zealand or Australia) please contact us with the plants you are interested in and we will let you know if the Plant Health Regulations permit us to send plants to your country. We accept Pounds Sterling, Euros, US Dollars plus other currencies (rates are calculated on day of order). We can send Hostas and Agapanthus to most countries.

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