Irish air layering cutting globe, free plants new invention

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Irish Cutting Globes. Pack of 6 Globes. New invention from Ireland the Cutting Globes for air layering your choice plants,Roses,shrubs,trees even indoor plants and fruit bushes. The easiest way to get more free plants from your already planted shrubs in your garden or indoor house plants. In this pack you will get instructions on how to use the cutting globes,One large 75mm, one Medium 50mm cutting globe for trees or large indoor plants and four 25mm cutting globes. Then all you need is some rooting powder,water retaining granules,peat,a sharp knife and some tape to secure the cutting globe if you are using it outside to stop the globe been opened in windy areas.,Especially good on plants that are hard to propagate or slow growing plants like Magnolias,Acer trees,Garrya,Rhododendrons,indoor house plants,even good on bonsai trees to get the best shaped branch and habit of growth. Once you start and see the results you will be thrilled by the results. It takes about 6-8 weeks normally to form a good root mass in the globe quicker in summer months and softer stemmed plants. In the pictures it shows you 4 easy steps on how to use the cutting globes. These globes can be reused over and over again provided you clean them well each time.,This listing is for 6 Irish Cutting Globes.





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