Betula papyrifera 500+ seeds

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Betula papyrifera 500+ seeds - Paper Birch freshly harvested seed ready for planting now.These seeds will grow up to be large deciduous trees best to plant in pots I would plant 100 seeds in a 5 litre size pot with good soil based compost like John Innes no 1 or mix grit with multi purpose compost they do not need feeding until they start to grow as soon as first set of leaves appear then give a foilar feed. Leave in this pot for first season then repot the following Spring before they come into leaf. Grow on or you can plant straight out in the garden provided you mark the spot with a cane and tree protector to keep the young plant from getting damaged. Birchs are fast growing when young provided they are giving good shelter and fertiliser. Very easy tree to grow from seed. A striking large tree with a white papery bark and attractive yellow autumn foliage. It was introduced from North America in 1750. Mature height: 20m,I send the seeds out in grip seal poly bags inside an envelope.

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Bullet Point 1 Betula papyrifera 500+ seeds
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Bullet Point 2 Paper Birch
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Bullet Point 3 These seeds will grow up to be large deciduous trees
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Bullet Point 4 white papery bark
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Bullet Point 5 yellow autumn foliage

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