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These special offers change on a regular basis. Please visit often for our great special offers.  Free plants and discount on products.

Special Offer:-

Free plant when you spend £30+ on plants our choice. 

Want to give a plant as a present we send a free Hosta postcard in the parcel with your words.  ie Happy Birthday John Smith love from Julie
Just email us with your chosen words.

Agapanthus Blue Magic

new variety from Holland deciduous and very hardy down to -23 Celsius. Lovely broad lush green slight arching strap-like leaves. Very intense dark blue flowers with good round flowerheads. Grows up to 80cm
£ 17.99
Our Price: £14.90
Agapanthus Bristol

deciduous slightly arching dark green strap-like leaves. Dark violet-blue flowers. Grows up to 90cm
£ 7.50
Our Price: £7.80
Agapanthus Columba

Agapanthus Columba deciduous green strap like leaves with medium to large flowers. Pale violet inside, dark violet outside, anthers are dark violet, flowerhead 18cm across with up to 70 florets. Dark purple flower stems. Requires full sun and well drained soil conditions. Grows to 70cm tall.
£ 8.00
Our Price: £7.80
Agapanthus Marcus

deciduous with upright dark green and slightly glaucous strap-like leaves. Flowerbuds are violet-blue opening to pale violet-blue inside with purple at apex, margin slightly darker, midrib violet-blue, outside pale violet-blue with darker midrib and base. When out of flower purple. Grows to 70cm
£ 8.00
Our Price: £7.80
Crocosmia Coleton Fishacre old name Gerbe d'Or

apricot coloured trumpet lily like flowers, grows to 60cm lush green/bronze leaves
£ 8.00
Our Price: £6.80
H J Hall Softop Botany Wool Mens Socks Navy

60% Wool, 40% Polyamide These are the original non elastic sock.
£ 4.49
Our Price: £4.48
H J Hall Softop Original Cotton Mens Socks Black

65% Cotton, 35% Polyamide These are the original non elastic sock.
£ 3.99
Our Price: £3.98
Hosta Devon Green

shiny dark green leaves on purple spotted petioles, super substance, lavender flowers and slug resistant. Medium
£ 7.00
Our Price: £8.40
Hosta 'Fortunei Aureomarginata'

dark green leaves with strong yellow band around the edge, lavender flowers. Large
£ 6.00
Our Price: £7.90
Hosta Praying Hands

extremely elongated dark green leaves have a waxy sheen and a very thin yellow rippled border Medium
£ 8.00
Our Price: £9.90
Hosta tortifrons

shiny dark green narrow, undulating and slightly twisted leaves. Pale purple flowers. species Hosta ideal for use as an accent plant or in rock gardens. Mini
£ 12.00
Our Price: £9.90
Rhodohypoxis Tetra White (Helen)

Bears a succession of erect, large white flowers singly on slender stems in spring and early summer
£ 5.00
Our Price: £7.40